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Journal of Scientific Research and  Studies

Journal of Scientific Research and Studies Vol. 9(1), pp. 1-7, February, 2022

ISSN 2375-8791

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Activity against Leishmania sp. (Trypanosomatidae) of 8β-isovalerianyloxy-9α-hydroxy-calyculatolide isolated from Neurolaena lobata (Astereceae) in Costa Rica


Vanessa Bagnarello-Madrigal2,4*, Alonso Calvo-Vargas1, Misael Chinchilla-Carmona2, Idalia Valerio-Campos2,5, Ronald Sánchez-Porras3 and Jose Bolaños-Jiménez2

1Department of Chemistry, Universidad de Ciencias Médicas (UCIMED), San José, Costa Rica.
2Department of Basic Research, Universidad de Ciencias Médicas (UCIMED), San José, Costa Rica.
3Section of Biology, Campus of the West, Universidad de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica.
4School of Physiotherapy, University of Medical Sciences (UCIMED), San José, Costa Rica.
5Faculty of Microbiology, University of Medical Sciences (UCIMED), San José, Costa Rica.

*Corresponding author. E-mail:


Accepted 11 February, 2022




Neurolaena lobata (Astereceae) has a variety of uses in traditional medicine, including the treatment of protozoan infections, ulcers, diabetes and inflammatory skin disorders. The therapeutic properties are mainly attributed to the sesquiterpene lactones produced by N. lobata (Astereceae). In this study, 8β-isovalerianyloxy-9α-hydroxy-calyculatolide, a sesquiterpene lactone present in the mature leaves of N. lobata, was isolated. The compound was characterized by spectroscopic techniques with an IC50 value of 3.75 ± 1.63 µg/mL against Leishmania sp in in vitro tests. This study emphasizes the importance of identifying the components responsible for the biological activities of plant-based treatments. Such knowledge is vital for the standardization and development of phytopharmaceuticals.

Key words:
Neurolaena lobata, sesquiterpene lactones, in vitro, Leishmania sp., phytochemical screening, Costa Rica.

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J. Sci. Res. Stud.


Vol. 9 Issue 1

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